Organisational Structure and Management

The ACPFG management operates within a structure organised for the research, development and commercialisation of plant genomics technology. The Board of Directors is central to this mission with expertise in research, commercialization, and marketing.

Executive Officers
Acting CEO Sigrid Heuer
Acting CEO Michael Gilbert
Board of Directors
Chair Dale Baker

Peter Langridge
Michael Terlet
Helen Garnett
Joshua Hofheimer
Michael Gilbert


The ACPFG Board works with and relies on the scientific advice of the Node Management Group, the Management Group and the Resource Management Group to set the strategic direction of the company.

Node Management Group
Chair Ute Roessner

Kaye Basford
Dave Edwards
Stan Miklavcic
Alex Johnson
Trevor Garnett
Sergiy Lopato
Michael Gilbert
Peter Langridge

Resource Management Group

Chair Stuart Roy

Stephan Haefele
Ute Baumann
Ute Roessner
Serik Eliby
Nikolai Borisjuk
Penny Tricker
Jan Nield
David Harris

Management Group

Chair Peter Langridge

Michael Gilbert
Ute Baumann
Sigrid Heuer
Stuart Roy
Tim Sutton
Delphine Fleury
Maria Hrmova

ACPFG research is closely aligned with the Australian grain and farming community through research program leaders.

Research Program Leaders
Drought and Heat Peter Langridge
Nutrients Sigrid Heuer
Genetics Delphine Fleury
Salinity Stuart Roy
Bioinformatics Ute Baumann
Legumes and Boron Tim Sutton
Structural Biology Maria Hrmova
Phenotyping and Phenomics Stephan Haefele
Transformation Serik Eliby
Construct Development Nikolai Borisjuk
Metabolomics Ute Roessner
QPR Yuan Li
Administration and Support Michael Gilbert


The success of diverse research-and-development programs vitally depend on sharp logistic support in areas ranging from business activities to the classroom.

Laboratory Manager Jan Nield
PA to CEO Andrea French
Administrative Assistant Lisa Incoll
Reception Ruth Harris
Reception Ann Pace
Reception Libby Jedrzejczak
Purchasing Officer Chris Kohler
Business and Commercialisation
General Manager Michael Gilbert
Business Manager David Harris
Communication and Education
Communications Manager Amanda Hudswell
Education Manager Monica Ogierman
Get into Genes Officer Alison Wilson
English Tutor, ASSET Program Ruth Harris
Glasshouse Manager Ursula Langridge-Reimold
Information Technology Angus Syme
Website Amanda Hudswell
Lab Preparation Area & Technical Support Grace Zurawska-Malkowska


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